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Dear FDA, Dr House calling…people lie!

Marketing My Philosophy

For many years I have been fortunate to work in industries which I greatly enjoy….these include chocolate, alcohol, gambling and tobacco.  In full disclosure, I agree, three out of four of these should be regulated and advertising should be measured so that underage persons are properly informed of risks associated with them.

How DIRECTV failed in its new customer incentive program

CRM loyalty programs Marketing

Companies spend a significant amount of time and money creating incentives to attract new customers.  This is an age-old tactic that continues to be used because it works.  These incentives range from free services, percentages off their contracts or some other perk or tchotchke.  Regardless of their success, I have always wondered depending upon the […]

Pepsi Refresh Project


As marketers we’re always looking for a new way to engage users. Secretly, we desire all users to become excited about a promotion, return frequently and ideally tell their friends about it. We have all tried a variety of tactics to accomplish these results. Recently, I heard of Pepsi’s new corporate responsibility promotion and they nailed it!