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Do you trust me? Just take my word for it, this is good …

Is there a meal or specific food that you remember as if you had it yesterday, no matter how long ago? Have these experiences shaped your personal palate and influenced the food and drink you consume to this day? Surprisingly, after nearly fifty years, I almost understand how my neanderthal brain functions, and with that, […]

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Bourbon Hunting: Pandemics Are Funny That Way, Huh?

It was only just a moment ago when the complaints were abundant, and opinions varied on the best way for retailers to release their allocated whiskeys. Everyone was an expert and no matter who you spoke with, raffles were the devil’s work; and first come, first served releases were the only way to be fair. […]

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Bourbon Hunting – Bottle evaluation guidelines

In case you haven’t noticed, bourbon has become big business over the past several years with some bottles being valued at astronomical amounts. It seems every few days I am asked to evaluate and approximate the value of a bottle of whiskey. They are either bottles from a private collection, something a “friend” found, or […]

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