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How DIRECTV failed in its new customer incentive program

Companies spend a significant amount of time and money creating incentives to attract new customers.  This is an age-old tactic that continues to be used because it works.  These incentives range from free services, percentages off their contracts or some other perk or tchotchke.  Regardless of their success, I have always wondered depending upon the […]

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Identifying the ideal metrics for measuring customer loyalty

Over the past twenty years I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a number of great companies and helped develop and manage their various CRM and loyalty programs. Many of these include National City Bank, Makers Mark, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Canadian Mist, Kentucky Lottery and Purina to name a few. With any loyalty program and marketing […]

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The difference between CRM and BCM

I recently saw a question on LinkedIn inquiring about the difference between CRM (customer relationship management) and BCM (business contact management). Often these are considered software packages for managing information about your contacts however the purpose and usage between them within an organization can be quite different.

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