10 Social Marketing Guidelines for Self-Promotion on Facebook


The following Social Marketing Guidelines should be considered when promoting yourself or your company on Facebook but also any social marketing platform.

  1. Be Authentic and Be Yourself
    Share about yourself. Post photos. Have a profile picture and cover photo that shows who you are outside of work. Be someone you would want to communicate with, rather than a salesperson.
  2. Be Conversational
    Listen more than you speak. What are people saying/posting on Facebook? Are you reading their posts and showing support for their problems or stories they are sharing? Knowing what is happening in your Friends lives and what is important, is a great way to begin a conversation and network.
  3. Be Relevant
    Articles, community events and tips for buyers are great to share, but make sure what you are posting is relevant and are ideas you stand behind. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing a certain topic in mixed company, don’t post it.
  4. Be Consistent
    All gains made from initially posting and interacting with others are quickly lost when you disappear for weeks or months. Consistently having a presence on social media sites is key to being received as legitimate, a source of quality information, and someone they want to communicate with.
  5. Be Accessible
    Share your personal and professional web site address. Share an e-mail address and a contact phone number. Encourage them to contact you.
  6. Be Approachable
    Use the Milestone feature of Facebook to list major accomplishments personally and professionally. Share your experiences so that people can see you are just like them. What awards have you received and what conferences you have attended? Share personal life milestones as well, marathons you have completed, new children or grandchildren, etc. These Milestones allow you to share more of who you are.
  7. Be Actionable
    Provide content that allows your audience to act e.g. participate in the conversation, visit a web site, read an article, view a video, make a phone call, share a photo, forward an e-mail or other.
  8. Be Different (it’s okay)
    It is okay to express yourself and stand out, but steer clear of emotional topics.
  9. Be Integrated
    Showcase your Facebook icon on all materials: e-blasts, e-mail signature, business cards and fliers, as well as other social platforms e.g. LinkedIn, twitter, Pinterest, blogs, etc. Let others know how to find you and make it easy.
  10. Be Strategic
    What are you goals? How often will you post content or comment? What type of content do you want to share?  

This article contributed by Katherine Teets, Social Media Strategist for PriceWeber Marketing Communications

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